Phoenix Oyster - 10mL Laboratory Grade Mushroom Mycelium Syringe [Pleurotus pulmonarius] (10CC)

Phoenix Oyster - 10mL Laboratory Grade Mushroom Mycelium Syringe [Pleurotus pulmonarius] (10CC)

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Scientific Name: Pleurotus pulmonarius

Common Name(s): Phoenix Oyster

Over the last 10 years we have grown out almost every one of our cultures. Mycology is our life and we hope to help make it a part of everyone else's as well.

What this purchase gets you:

x1 10mL(cc) syringe full of living Phoenix Oyster liquid culture (Pleurotus pulmonarius)
x1 alcohol prep pad (per syringe}
x1 1in/25mm 18g needle (per syringe)

All mycology supplies are pressure heat sterilized at 15psi prior to being used unless they come prepackaged as sterile. 15 psi mean maintaining an internal core temperature of 250°F for a set duration. Pasteurization is a completely different method of sanitation and should please not be confused with sterilization.

All lab work is done  in front of a laboratory grade laminar flow hood. then vacuum sealed. The product(s) you receive will be an active form of your chosen species living mycelium that is held in a liquid suspension made from lab grade reagents that are mixed and carefully formulated to make our very own inhouse Liquid Cultures. Liquid Cultures are regularly tested for contamination, and come with a 100% CLEAN culture promise! We use it to grow the food we eat, so it get's checked more than necessary to be honest.


*All liquid culture orders are luer lock sealed and vacuum sealed in front of a laboratory grade laminar flow hood for mailing.

**Each item listed above will be sent to you in [sterile] condition. The syringe, needle, and alcohol prep pad are each individually wrapped.

***It is the buyers sole responsibility to provide their accurate mailing address with their payment. It is suggested that a buyer check their address before and after placing an order to ensure an accurate mailing address has been provided. If a purchase is made and shipped before the buyer is able to contact me with the corrected information they are held liable for all shipping costs. This includes the initial shipping payment, as well as the additional shipping cost generated if it is requested by the buyer that the product(s) be mailed to them if it is returned. If the item is returned a refund for the non-shipping portion of the item will be given upon request. If the item is never returned the buyer is responsible for the item being lost and no refund will be offered for either the item or shipping costs.***


~Helpful Note~ If kept sealed and refrigerated, properly prepared liquid cultures can easily maintain their integrity and in many cases if used with sterile technique can be used multiple times.


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